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Records Storage

Information Security Management, including the storage, retrieval and destruction is extremely important for any organization or agency.  In many cases, companies lack the expertise, time, space and manpower to do carry this out on a required basis and will normally choose to do what is required after an incident that shows the gaps in this process and the need for immediate and drastic improvements. This approach is known as “reactive” and is proven to be more costly and losses of vital documents and information will also occur in this strategy.

Companies require a “reliable and proactive” partner to facilitate their information management in an environment that is not only safe and secure but is user friendly and the information can be made available when required.

Further to this and regardless of operations, companies are required to maintain certain records in order to comply with laws and industry regulations.  A few statutes which mandate the protection of data are:


ARC has developed what we believe to be the most suitable and flexible option for the Philippine marketplace. We understand your need to look after your business in an effective and efficient manner and by providing a robust and proactive information management solution, ARC provides you with peace of mind to do just that.  ARC has years of risk management experience having helped many Fortune 500 businesses in arguably the most difficult in which to conduct business in the most cost-effective way. The biggest differentiator between ARC and other competitors (in the Philippines) is that security is ARC’s core business.   We understand the difficulties of balancing effective and efficient security requirements with conducting business in a competitive marketplace. Our consultants have the experience as well as the certifications to provide media management and storage in a manner that satisfies all ISO practices including:

ISO 9706:1994
Information and documentation — Paper for documents — Requirements for permanence
ISO 11108:1996
Information and documentation — Archival paper — Requirements for permanence and durability
ISO 11798:1999
Information and documentation — Permanence and durability of writing, printing and copying on paper — Requirements and test methods
ISO 11799:2015
Information and documentation — Document storage requirements for archive and library materials
ISO 11800:1998
Information and documentation — Requirements for binding materials and methods used in the manufacture of books
ISO 14416:2003
Information and documentation — Requirements for binding of books, periodicals, serials and other paper documents for archive and library use — Methods and materials
ISO 16245:2009
Information and documentation — Boxes, file covers and other enclosures, made from cellulosic materials, for storage of paper and parchment documents
ISO/TS 18344:2016
Effectiveness of paper deacidification processes
ISO/NP TR 19814
Information and documentation — Holdings Management
ISO/NP TR 19815
Information and documentation — Management of the environmental conditions for archive and library holdings
ISO/NP 21110
Emergency preparedness and response for cultural heritage


Enhanced Security Storage Available

ARC offers secured flexible storage options of data regardless of format (hard copies, electronic media) or industry (government forms, business, financial, and medical records). All data is secured in climate-controlled warehouses and are partitioned with controlled access for additional protection of high-security data. Our storage facilities are also equipped with current technology that allows for access control, surveillance, fire detection and suppression (that takes into consideration the fact that much media today is electronic and therefore water is not always used), chain of custody, and intruder detection systems.