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Fraud, Theft, Conflict of interest & Insurance Claim inquiries

  • Testing the Allegation
  • Comprehensive Inquiry and Reporting
  • Post Investigative Testimony


The Threat to Your Business

fraud-and-theftStatistics and crime studies indicate that corporate crime and common business abuses cost U.S. companies (alone) more than $400 billion annually in losses from their bottom lines. Although theft and fraud have been considered as crimes perpetrated by criminals from outside a company, trends indicate the contrary as most losses (as much as 75%) occur internally. In fact, internal theft is one of the biggest threats to business today.

Surveys indicate that a vast majority of employees in any company regularly take things for personal use. While it is recognized that much of this company owned property is primarily administrative equipment, more and more of it is technology based, such as computers and, In today’s environment where technology is frequently updated, it is not difficult to imagine a rank and file wage earner with access to proprietary information downloading millions of dollars of corporate information onto a multiple gigabyte storage device.

Time is something else that is stolen when an employee takes advantage of a small innocuous injury and turns it into several weeks or months of time off with full pay and benefits. In these situations, besides from the time fraudulently taken from the company, there are also fraudulent insurance claims and the theft other benefits to consider.
To counter this threat, ARC conducts fraud, theft, conflict of interest & insurance claim investigations to get to the truth in matters where there is a suspicion of illicit activities. ARC is very experienced and knowledgeable in the following core areas:


  • Fraud and Theft Inquiries
  • Conflict of Interest Matters
  • Insurance Claims

ARC utilizes vast experience and proven techniques to expose the facts and present them in a format that is comprehensive and useable in any legal system.


Whether the case involves:

  • Theft or Fraud
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Insurance Claims
  • Kickbacks
  • Witness location
  • Reference checks
  • Media searches
  • Credential checks

ARC is here to respond.


Our Services

ARC has an experienced team that will effectively investigate any type of case. Depending on the incident; we may begin with a thorough preliminary inquiry, followed by activities such as crime scene assessment, interviews, interrogations, surveillance, and undercover operations. All activities are documented with copious reporting and admissible evidence. ARC then goes further by providing remedies to investigative findings and assists in any subsequent legal issues by providing expert testimony and evidentiary chain of custody.

Why ARC?

ARC is a pure risk consulting firm; our solutions are developed to serve only the best interests of the client. ARC consultants have been providing risk mitigation services for large corporations, small businesses, and various governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region for more than twenty-five years.

ARC always works discretely within the legal framework of the country in which the services are being provided. Customer confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are assured.