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Due Diligence Support

  1. Corporate Regulatory Verification
  2. Market Entry
  3. Mergers & Joint Ventures


Today’s Risks

CPO test.psdIn order to keep up with competition there is a lot of pressure to provide services on an international or global scale. When considering what marketplace a business should be in, there is a great deal of importance placed on creating local partnerships. In many market places having a local partner is the only way a company can legally conduct business.

A key element to reducing risk and exposure is knowing and understanding who you are about to do business with. Verifying and validating the integrity of your partners, their businesses, their customer base, vendors, and suppliers should be crucial in making the decision to partner with them at all. Choosing the wrong business partner or making an uninformed investment decision can seriously damage your business and could have implications that go well beyond financial considerations.

Comprehensive due diligence will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.


When to Use Due Diligence Support Services

  • Joint Ventures
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • New Market Entry
  • Venture Capital
  • New Investment / IPO
  • Lending / Underwriting
  • Franchise or License Agreement
  • Vendor or Distributor Relationship
  • Major New Customers
  • Outsourcing
  • Licensed Manufacturing
  • Confirming Compliance with Requirements


ARC Consultancy Services

A typical ARC’s due diligence is customized to meet the client’s needs. However, to guide our client’s decisions we segregate our support services into two distinct categories:

Level 1: Due Diligence: Represents a standard review using information generally found in the public domain. This would include but not be limited to media searches, publicly available documents, trash searches, and developed interviews with persons who have access to required areas. The information that is subsequently derived from these public domain searches can be used as a basis for escalation to more detailed inquiries.

Level 2 Due Diligence: Expands the scope of work to include areas that might include personal reputation, business, finances, and legal status. For Level 2, investigative activity would include but not be limited to the activity mentioned in Level 1, specific personal interviews, surveillance (where legal), pretext approaches (where legal and appropriate), suitable ruses, and undercover operations.

In both cases of Level 1 and Level 2, ARC will provide an in-depth report of all activity conducted; the results of the activity and an in-depth analysis of the information gathered.


Why ARC?

ARC is a pure risk consulting firm; our solutions are developed to serve only the best interests of the client. ARC consultants have been providing risk mitigation services for large corporations, small businesses, and various governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region for more than twenty-five years.

ARC always works discretely within the legal framework of the country in which the services are being provided. Customer confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are assured.