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Security Planning, Policy & Procedure Development

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Why Do You Need Policies and Procedures?

sec-plannAt 3am, a security incident occurs at your office building. Does your responding security force have permanent policies and procedures to respond and make the required notifications? If the answer is “No” you are not alone.

Many organizations have the development of security policies and procedures on their “to-do” list, but do not ever seem to complete the job. They often lack the time required to properly carry out this task, or do not feel technically qualified to sort through some of the areas of security that must be addressed. In many cases, the individual given this responsibility is overwhelmed and does not even know where to begin. However, not having a written protocol is tantamount to having any instruction. This could result in serious liability and loss of reputation.


Developing Policies and Procedures

ADSUM Risk Consulting (ARC) uses a proven, structured method to develop policies and procedures for risk management process. We begin by reviewing the client’s existing security needs and requirements. Some of our clients are just beginning to create their security program and have little or nothing for us to review. At the other end of the spectrum are clients who literally have boxes and boxes of security policies and procedures documents; many of which are outdated or in conflict with one another.

We then create a written outline that addresses all topics that are to be included in the security policies and procedures manual. Depending on the type and size of the organization, this outline would include a myriad of security-related topics that are to be considered for inclusion in the manual.

The next step is to conduct a series of training seminars with the client. During the seminars, our consultant leads the clients’ team through a series of discussions that address each of the topics in the written outline. Each seminar typically lasts from four to six hours, and it typically takes between three and five seminars to get through all of the topics in the outline.

At the conclusion of the seminars, we then prepare a draft version of the Security Policies and Procedures Manual. This document is then submitted to the client for review and comment.

After all input from the client has been received, we then prepare a final version of the Security Policies and Procedures Manual. This is submitted to the client in editable, electronic format so that the document can be continuously updated as needed. We can also work with the client to prepare a web-based policies and procedures manual that can be made available on the client’s intranet.


Our Services

ARC has an experienced team that has in-depth experience of developing comprehensive security policies and procedures.

ARC will always work discretely within the legal framework of the country in which the inquiry is being conducted. Client confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are assured.


Why ARC?

ARC is a pure risk consulting firm; our solutions are developed to serve only the best interests of the client. ARC consultants have been providing risk mitigation services for large corporations, small businesses, and various governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region for more than twenty-five years.

ARC always works discretely within the legal framework of the country in which the services are being provided. Customer confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are assured.