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Technical Security Countermeasures

  1. Vulnerability Analysis
  2. Comprehensive Technical Security Counter Measure (TSCM)
  3. Discovery
  4. Peace of Mind


The Threat

tcsmThe manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of illegal surveillance devices is a multi-billion underground industry. The U.S. State Department estimates that at least 800 million dollars of illegal bugging and eavesdropping equipment is imported and installed into US corporations each year. Anyone with a soldering iron and a basic understanding of electronics can build and install an eavesdropping device. The raw materials to build such a device may be easily obtained.

Technical surveillance and associated crimes are a serious problem that can have a very grave impact on your company.


Our Services

ARC offers a unique range of specialised security services aimed at ensuring our clients’ business/private premises are free from the threat of covert electronic surveillance.

ARC specialized consultants have strong technical backgrounds, coupled with many years of practical experience and a broad range of test and measurement equipment, ensures that our clients’ best interests are protected. Thorough physical and electronic searches are carried out through all suspected target areas to detect operating, dead, and dormant devices placed for the purposes of covert audio/video surveillance.

The methods employed by ARC consultants ensure any concealed surveillance equipment is detected are as follows.

  • Ultra wideband radio spectrum scanning
  • Mains power monitoring
  • Telephone/data cabling and systems inspection & analysis
  • Building cabling inspection & analysis
  • Infrared energy detection
  • Acoustic leakage detection
  • Carefully planned and executed physical inspections

Physical inspections include all areas at possible risk.

The building structure, ceiling and floor cavities, building cabling, furniture and fittings all undergo close scrutiny.

The electronic scan aspect of the inspection examines a huge radio bandwidth, (10 KHz – 25 GHz), in search of any localised radio transmissions. All areas of the sweep site need to be examined with the relevant detection equipment to ensure a clean bill of health.

At the completion of the assignment a full report is supplied outlining the tasks performed, site images of note and the project outcome. If problems are encountered or weaknesses in security are detected during the sweep, they will be noted and remedies suggested.


Why ARC?

ARC is a pure risk consulting firm, our solutions are developed to serve only the best interests of the client. ARC consultants have been providing risk mitigation services for large corporations, small businesses, and various governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region for more than twenty-five years.

ARC always works discretely within the legal framework of the country in which the services are being provided. Customer confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are assured.