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Security Training Services

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Is there a need for security training?

sec-trainARC’ experience tells us that in more and more circumstances, organizations are requiring their employees to work on unfamiliar tasks in unfamiliar and potentially hostile environments. Given this situation, ARC stands ready to provide support these employees need in order to cope effectively with the myriad of challenges faced in emerging markets and in difficult situations.


Our Services

ARC provides an array of training courses designed to empower and provide a company’s employees with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to successfully overcome the challenges faced in difficult situations and assist your company to continue operating effectively.

To this end ARC provides the following training services:

  • Hostile Environment Training: Fully tailored courses to prepare employees to work in emerging markets
  • Executive Protection Services Training: ARC will use real world experience a successful track record of protecting the world’s most senior military and government officials and train those individuals who want to be dedicated to protecting life.
  • Defensive Driver’s Training: Specifically designed to teach people techniques for driving safely in unfamiliar and dangerous regions. This course has saved lives!
  • Personal Security & Awareness Training: Training specifically designed for people to increase their personal security awareness
  • Crisis Response & Business Continuity Training: Designed for senior managers to develop and implement plans for dealing with crises
  • Kidnap, Ransom, & Extortion Reaction Training Exercises: Designed for executives with responsibility for critical decision-making when an employee or employee family member’s life is at stake
  • Managing Workplace Violence: Teaches the required skills to manage and prevent growing trend and incidents of violence in the workplace
  • For Ladies – Self Awareness, Risk Identification & Protection: This module has been developed specifically for women. It is a comprehensive guide to risk avoidance and self-protection, at home travelling and abroad.
  • Security Services Enhancement Training: Provides training for security personnel above and beyond what is normally provided. The training could include access control, patrolling, response, emergency evacuation, and crisis management response just to name a few.

Where training internal staff is inappropriate or not an option, ARC can provide project security managers and consultants with the experience, expertise, and resources to provide practical support to help you operate effectively in these challenging environments.


Why ARC?

ARC is a pure risk consulting firm; our solutions are developed to serve only the best interests of the client. ARC consultants have been providing risk mitigation services for large corporations, small businesses, and various governments throughout the Asia-Pacific region for more than twenty-five years.

ARC always works discretely within the legal framework of the country in which the services are being provided. Customer confidentiality, tact and diplomacy are assured.