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Kimberly McClafferty – Business Development, North America

Kim has been with ARC since mid – 2012 and is responsible for Business Development in North America.

Hailing from Quincy Massachusetts, Kim possesses a myriad of experiences in the risk management industry involving field supervision, research, and customer relations.

Since entering the industry in 2002, Kim has proven herself invaluable when assisting customers clarify their goals and determine their real needs. In an effort to learn as much as possible about many industries and stay focused on current industry needs, Kim is constantly reviewing strategies and their respective effectiveness.

Prior to this, Kim was involved in developing business for General Motors in the greater Boston area. Kim was responsible and gained great a vast amount of experience at business development, senior management, and corporate finance.

Kim has superior analytical skills and can develop information with ease using the skills of someone who is much more seasoned. Her analytical skills also allows her to easily pick up and understand industry nuances and jargon that allows her to converse on a higher level with clients. Kim has worked issues pertaining to intellectual property piracy, corporate espionage, due diligence, fraud, theft, and competitor intelligence.

In 2009, Kim displayed her uncompromising dedication to her work while working as a field supervisor on a project in Indonesia, Kim was present when a hotel came under a suicide bomb attack by the Islamic terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI). After being evacuated from the hotel, Kim used her interpersonal skills to talk to first responding police and was able to re-enter the hotel and retrieve evidence crucial to the customer’s issues, which was why she was there. This level of dedication is rarely seen today in any industry.