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John F. Walker, CISM CSO – Principal

John started Adsum Risk Consulting (ARC) after realizing that there was a need for an international standard, professional yet reasonably priced risk consulting firm in the Asia Pacific to provided unbiased advice to corporate and government agencies over a myriad of issues related to identification and management of risk.

Prior to setting up ARC, John was the country manager for Pointer Digital Security Philippines, Inc.; responsible for all Pointer security consulting operations in the Philippines. Before joining Pointer, John was based in Bangkok Thailand, working for G4S, responsible for all consultancy contracts in the South Asian region. Simultaneously, John was overseeing many of the foreign embassy security contracts for G4S in Asia, including the United States (U.S.) Embassies, in the Philippines and Pakistan, two of the largest outsourced embassy contracts in the world and (arguably) the most high-risk embassy facilities in Asia. John’s efforts won him constant accolades from the U.S. Government as the US Embassy security programs in Manila and Islamabad are viewed by the US Department of State Security as two of the best run programs.

Between June 1999 and June 2004, John worked for Pinkerton Consulting and Investigations in the Philippines. Soon after arriving, as the special projects manager, John was promoted to the country manager position. John worked for Pinkerton Philippines for 5 years and when he left, the Philippines office was one of the most productive security consultancy offices in the Pinkerton portfolio.
Before entering the commercial security industry, John completed over 20 years as a Counterintelligence Case Officer for the U.S. Government. During his career, he conducted, administered, and supervised numerous criminal, counterintelligence, and anti-terrorism investigations and operations, globally. He has operational knowledge of four geographic theatres (North American, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia). John is also a decorated veteran of the first Gulf War, serving in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain (respectively).

In 1989, John was instrumental in the successful investigation of the assassination of a prominent and senior U.S. military officer in Manila, Colonel James “Nick” Rowe. John’s actions, at great personal risk, resulted in the first successful arrest and prosecution of a terrorist attack on an American national in a foreign land. As a direct result, four assassins continue to serve life sentences in a Philippine prison.
John has spent over 25 years working and living in the Asia Pacific Region and has garnered numerous awards lauding his effort and accomplishments in both U.S. Government and commercial security services. John has worked closely with many foreign services to include the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP), the Japanese National Police, the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, and the Government of Singapore on counterintelligence and anti-terrorism matters of mutual interests between the U.S. and allied governments.

With a career spanning more than 30 years’ in progressive and complex security roles, John has conducted, supervised and managed numerous security related programs, investigations, and enforcement actions in concert with various global law enforcement agencies. These activities include but are not limited to physical security assessments, due-diligence inquiries, protecting international banks, investment houses, and joint venture activities, development of crisis management and business continuity plans, various security related training, intellectual property protection programs, major theft and fraud investigations, ISPS Consultancy, and VIP/event security operations.

John holds degrees in Criminal Justice and Industrial Security. He is also a graduate of two U.S. federal law enforcement academies. His advanced training includes Counterintelligence/Counterespionage Operations, Intelligence Management, and Protective and Anti-terrorism Services. John also holds certifications as an Information Security Manager (CISM), a Corporate Security Officer (CSO).