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Information Technology Supporting Records Management

ARC achieves positive control and management of customers records (written and electronic documents) through use of its Information Technology system. Our system’s chain of custody scans (records) each secured customer box at the point of receipt, follows the transporting, and stores the secured customer box at ARC’s warehouse. The secure customer boxes are assigned unique Bin locations in the ARC warehouse for storage. As a result, follow on inspections, retrieval, or destruction is automated and documents are easily managed, controlled, and located within minutes.

The web based SQL Server technology provides a relational database, for authorised employees and customers to either access a SQL database on its cloud or hosted ARC SQL server. The use of ARC’s hybrid record databases combine data both on a ARC’s premise and with the cloud through SQL Data Sync, and guarantees no loss of data. ARC employees use smartphone technology with scanner to record the process every step until the customers documents (records) are stored, retrieved, or destroyed securely.