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Information and Records Management Consulting

ARC Management works closely with clients to provide innovative, tailored based solutions for their information and records management issues. ARC’s fee-based consultancy services are geared to implement and optimize a client’s workflow efficiencies or reporting and documentation. These solutions range from problem solving to developing specifications that assist with managing corporate information and data issues.

ARC Information and Records Management consultancy combines partner specific knowledge of the various markets and know-how with applied expertise in software design and data management, enabling the leadership and design team to fully understand the goals behind your requirements. This allows ARC to collaborate with stakeholders marketing and development teams, to deliver products that truly meet the market need.

ARC Information and Records Management consultants truly understands the requirements of data management as well as the legal and compliance aspects.  ARC uses this knowledge to design, develop and deliver solutions that meet these standards.

Well defined specifications, close project management,  and intimate knowledge of the industry ensures that ARC consultancy projects will be completed on time, on budget and to an exact client specifications.